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This sense of anatomization is not simply medical and raises broad questions.
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Risking accusations of crude reflectionism, it's tempting to interpret all this as an unwitting but incisive anatomization of the phantasmagoric mechanisms of '60s and '70s commodity design and display.
Whether the subject was deconstruction, the feminist assault on literary studies, or simple misrepresentation of the historical record, he could be counted on to provide an exacting anatomization, laying out with wit, clarity, and formidable but ever discreet erudition the intellectual failings and moral pathologies of the subject under discussion.
The process of anatomization evident in the map and the procession parallels writing practices in contemporary epitomes.
This gave the anatomization of female subjects a particular charge in a society that associated female honor with chastity and avoidance of the public eye.
Consequently, Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012 have provided a good and noteworthy occasion for more analysis and anatomization in this respect.
Radio Israel" quoted Israeli medical sources which said that the post-mortem anatomization of the infant revealed that he was infected with swine flue viral disease .
It also sports an essay by Toby Barnard, whose expansive anatomization of Protestant, provincial, Anglophone, and therefore unhidden Ireland, has in so may ways set the agenda for the explorations of civil society conducted here.