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Fish writes that his columns are less likely to declare a position on a disputed matter than to anatomize and perhaps critique the arguments deployed by opposing constituencies.
The actors' differing approaches invite us to anatomize the variations and the samenesses of anticipation and apprehension: One woman flees the room directly after hanging up; a man paces in an agitated manner or hums happily to himself; a child sits eerily still whether the news is good or bad (he seems beamed in from a Stephen King tale).
1625), Healy demonstrates the ingenuity with which Dekker the reformer uses the two illnesses most preoccupying and afflicting his contemporaries in order to anatomize the social and religious ills of his day.
Like Jonathan Goldberg, Valerie Traub, and other scholars, DiGangi notes the different taxonomic systems that anatomize Renaissance desire and that have foregrounded sodomy as a proscribed, because sensational, practice.
As a main author of court masques, he provided the ritual mystifications of Stuart power for Whitehall's annual festivals, while both the Roman plays not only anatomize imperial statecraft but suggest a considerable fascination with it.
Maybe Schulman's impulse to anatomize our current culture explains why the near-future she has sketched in The Mere Future is less than convincing.
His best chapters anatomize what Americans think about when they dismiss class.
IN RAJIV Joseph's new play Gruesome Playground Injuries which spans 30 years in an intimate yet self-destructive relationship between a man and woman a series of wordless scenes-between-scenes anatomize the characters' damages and dress their wounds--literally in water troughs at the stage's edge--in the Alley Theatre's premiere production (through Nov.
The third major West End production in six weeks to anatomize a life in the theater (following "Acorn Antiques" and David Mamet's "A Life in the Theater"), "The Dresser" is easily the juiciest of the trio, and Peter Hall's production is sufficiently diverting that few will mind if Harwood's play is, to take a leaf from its rifle, all dressed up with virtually nowhere to go.
To anatomize After the Prom as a pattern of vectors and angles, as Hickey does, is to reinstate a genre of pictorial analysis that doesn't figure in art writing much anymore yet is surely a part of the basic vocabulary of painting.
At the same time, separate out the machinations of the poltergeist, and you still have an unusually searching portrait of mother-daughter dynamics in extremis: filmmakers searching for someone who can anatomize an age-old relationship afresh owe Pollard at least a look.
Attempting to use a futuristic hostage scenario to anatomize the potentially disastrous consequences of current U.