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Also, another common discussion has been devoted to the high rank of concentration on a specific case in which can probably thwart the researches to anatomize other intervening variables and even may lead to the interpolation of researcher's personal viewpoint [52].
He proceeds to anatomize a movement nearly three decades old that, as a self-proclaimed outside force in French politics, offers a nationalistic programme that has made the established parties not only take notice but also address the issues raised by the FN.
Hassler's "Swift, Pohl, and Kornbluth: Publicists Anatomize Newness," an essay that traces some analogous impulses in the work of Pohl and his Futurist friends back to the work of Swift and the Scriblerians; both groups shared a delight in satire and a fear of the potential "horror" of the future.
Its author manages to anatomize the present clergy abuse crisis without once using it as a stick to beat the Church with.
The supreme trope of the Gothic novel, the haunted house or mansion, the mysterious and labyrinthine castle or abbey, is here revealed archetypically used by Edgeworth to anatomize her people, her place, her identity, all in conflict and rent.
His films anatomize utopian reckonings with an imperfect world, where characters pursue idealistic goals the achievement of which produces dangerous side effects; where social distance and geographic proximity inflect itineraries of desire, causing fates to collide and often explode.
On the contrary, it is remarkable how much analysis Simon packs in, how skilfully he can not only evoke and assess a production in a few paragraphs, but anatomize it as well.
Perdulla's book traces the rise of the movie theater as we know it, only to anatomize its demise with the onset of the electronic and then digital channeling of images.
Some of the painters anatomize hard-edged abstraction, but, to judge by the evidence of "Greater New York 2005," Arthur Danto's diagnosis that we have reached the end of art history, as we know it, and now live in an era when the material palette of a work of art or what it looks like is less important than the ideas it purports to embody, turns out to have been perfectly accurate.
Like Jonathan Goldberg, Valerie Traub, and other scholars, DiGangi notes the different taxonomic systems that anatomize Renaissance desire and that have foregrounded sodomy as a proscribed, because sensational, practice.
I have heard him anatomize a paragraph of Johnson's, showing how its words consistently answered to their Latin derivations.
Duncan-Jones persuasively suggests that Shakespeare repaid Jonson's acerbities through the character of Jacques in As You Like It, who, like Jonson, is "a satirist with a murky past, who believes himself nevertheless perfectly entitled to anatomize the follies and vices of others," an oppositional figure whose sudden conversion at the end of the play recalls Jonson's rapidly acquired Catholic faith a year or so earlier.