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The mule nicely summarizes all of the diseases to which the frail vessel of the human is subject, and the vices to which physicians as a profession succumb, vices which are, of course, savagely anatomized in Volpone.
Tough Muri provides some important historical detail here, the cultural-historical analysis is disappointingly fleeting although the chapter's conclusion insists that the man-machine anatomized by Willis and theorized by La Mettrie "represented the governance of the social and commercial hierarchies of the nation" (165).
Contributors to this issue were given a new set of editorial guidelines encouraging them to experiment with, and move beyond, the conventions of the theatre review--conventions brilliantly anatomized by Alan Armstrong in his "Romeo and Juliet Academic Theatre Review Kit," which heads this issue's Reviews section.
A holy woman dissected by nuns: This is not the type of anecdote that figures prominently in most histories of medicine, which typically have focused on male professors of medicine and the criminal cadavers they anatomized in the course of their teaching and research at medieval universities.
It's as if Orton were literally undressing "The Importance of Being Earnest" even as he anatomized Wilde's structure, which is here revised to incorporate sedation, gunshots and delusions on a grand scale--grand and grimly funny, too.
With mere words he anatomized melancholy, decoded the culture of a color, and laid out a way of thinking about our immediate and mostly mad universe, in one fell philosophical swoop.
Gurney is the dramatist of late 20th-century WASP America, and in such plays as The Dining Room, The Cocktail Hour, and Love Letters, he has anatomized the gentle decline of that imposing group whose mores once determined America's social norms.
Stukenbrock adroitly portrays the moment when the corpse arrived to be anatomized as almost paradigmatic (rather like an anatomical cockfight) where the many agencies and interest groups involved--magistrates, legal codes, university administrations, medical professors, eager students, poor relief agencies, clergymen, and, of course, the people who became anatomical raw materials--came together.