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Meckseper anatomizes this decidedly dated fantasy, which persists in the automotive world, with a political edge.
Susan Telfer, in eight short lines, anatomizes an impasse, turning and pointing us down all the blocked routes.
It covers male hormones and anatomizes sections of the brain, and describes how each affects the man.
Art historian Peter Selz, in his recent study, Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California and Beyond, anatomizes a rich tradition of socially and politically engaged art in the American West.
Measure for Measure frequently anatomizes within chiasmus aspects of judgment and mercy, legality and clemency, in a society in which those values become arbitrary and diffuse.
Lively's own life (she was born in 1933), and in her matchlessly spare prose she anatomizes the epochal changes that have transformed the English landscape and culture in those 70-odd years.
Scruton anatomizes that stupidity, noting "the educated derision that has been directed at our national loyalty by those whose freedom to criticize would have been extinguished years ago, had the English not been prepared to die for their country.
Stauffer convincingly argues that arguments about anger were central to the public discourse of the Romantic period and skillfully anatomizes a wide variety of anger's "functions and forms" in Romantic literature (i).
In what will undoubtedly become a lasting piece of social analysis, she skillfully anatomizes the sociology and psychology of the resulting paradox.
For example, in section 15, he anatomizes the titles of some books and finds them wanting because of the divergence between their titles and their contents, implicitly inviting the reader to perform the same operation on his book.
She anatomizes an enduring "culture of courtship" (237) but rejects Alan Macfarlane's highly individualistic interpretation of that culture.