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While Part I anatomizes the situation of theory in literary studies, Part II deals with literary concepts: texts, the sign, language's performativity, 'overinterpretation', and' omniscience'.
This thought is embedded in countless myths and stories, many of which Roger anatomizes in the course of his book.
For example, in section 15, he anatomizes the titles of some books and finds them wanting because of the divergence between their titles and their contents, implicitly inviting the reader to perform the same operation on his book.
She anatomizes an enduring "culture of courtship" (237) but rejects Alan Macfarlane's highly individualistic interpretation of that culture.
Wright anatomizes all Dixon's premises when Bigger crosses the color line and enters the Daltons' white house.
Alicia Ostriker's poem-for-performance, "Jephthah's Daughter," anatomizes the profoundly disturbing narrative of misplaced sacrifice in Judges 11.
Epic in dimension, private in mood, the story anatomizes hope and honesty with a haunting intimacy, We are riveted to domestic settings that implode against the backdrop of a history that will not leave the characters alone.
In Chapter Three, for instance, Tinkle anatomizes the iconology of the two deities and outlines the way in which it confounds any attempt at reductive categorization: she describes a myriad of medieval images and explains precisely how they conflate details from diverse sources.
The Peri Bathous fatuously anatomizes the confusion of panegyric and satire, and that they should share the same tropes and topics is unsurprising.