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For instance, the Friends of the Poor in Kiel resisted the state's attempts and professors' wishes to have paupers delivered for anatomizing, fearing that such would discourage the needy from seeking assistance and thus undermine the whole institution.
Stanley Fish, anatomizing the prose of a mind thinking, suggests the psychological difference between the rational, organized style (which he calls "rhetorical") and the speculative and inductive (or "dialectical") style:
In anatomizing the "beast," Wright both follows and makes strategic revisions in the stereotype.
Just as Ishmael realizes that an impenetrable gulf exists between exterior whale-skull and internal whale brain, he also realizes, as does the reader, that the quest to know the body by anatomizing it can only lead to dissolution.
In the second part, he proposes a radical rethinking of the project of Renaissance anatomy, rejecting the utility of the historiographical category of the "Renaissance" (defined in classic Burckhardtian terms) to account causally for the shifts in the field of anatomy, and substituting for it the category of the "Reformation." This involves not only emphasizing in general the religious element in the anatomical project, but also establishing a set of one-to-one "homologies," argued with varying degrees of conviction, between "important moments of new anatomizing .
He suggests that 'both poems are coherent psychological allegories, anatomizing and representing the education of a single soul' (13), and that their aim is at once to 'imagine the philosophical information of a ruler' and 'to promote self-knowledge in their readers' (15).