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Holub Juncus anatolicus Snogerup unknown Juncus anceps Laharpe 40 Nilsson and Snogerup 1972 Juncus andersond Buchenau unknown Juncus articulates L.
Conodont elements known to be related to the Triassic age would be as follows: Prioniodella Prioniodellides, Hindeodella multihamata, Hindeodella nevadensis, Lonchodina nevadensis, Hindeodella triassica, Ligonodina triassica, Diplodella lautissima, Pachycladina oblique, Hadrodontina anceps, Ellisonia triassica, hibardella subsymmertica, Parachirognathus geiseri, Prioniodella decrescens, Enantiognathus bitortus, Chirognathus sp.
Ciminius platensis (Berg), Dechacona missionum (Berg), Exitianus obscurinervis (Stal), Hortensia similis (Walker), and Xerophloea viridis (Fabricius) (all Cicadellidae); the planthoppers Conomelus anceps (Germar), Delphacodes kuscheli Fennah, Dicranotropis hamata (Boheman), Muellerianella fairmairei (Perris), and Peregrinus maidis (Ashmead) (all Delphacidae); and the mired plant bug Orthotylus virescens (Douglas & Scott) (Triapitsyn 1997; Virla 2001; Luft Albarracin et al.
anceps, but differs in having only once-pinnate blades and pubescent rachises, segment stalks, and indusia.
is the marking of anceps vowels throughout the book as long, despite an explicit note that they are anceps (e.
cornuarietis), and native species (Elimia comalensis, Helisoma anceps, and Physella virgata).
In laboratory experiments, the green algae Ulva australis and Ulva compressa, the articulated coralline algae Amphiroa anceps and Corallina officinalis, and encrusting coralline algae induce larval settlement of H.
Egg laying, maternal care and development of young in the scolopendromorph centipede, Cormocephalus anceps anceps Porat.
Diversos pesquisadores tem utilizado essa tecnica nos estudos das relacoes alimentares envolvendo os insetos: Dempster (1960) estudou os predadores do besouro Phytodecta olivacea; Rothschild (1966) fez uma tentativa para relacionar a mortalidade de ninfas e adultos de Conomelus anceps Germar (Homoptera: Delphacidae) com o parasitismo e a predacao; Titova (1970) estudou as inter-relacoes entre Eurygaster integriceps Put (Hemiptera: Scuteleridae) e outros artropodes.