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ANCESTRAL. What relates to or has, been done by one's ancestors; as homage ancestral, and the like.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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- setting up informal schools in the different ancestral domain in Mindanao to radicalize the Lumad children by teaching communism and how to become NPAs by sending them to the NPA units for exposure;
Mark Lowoya said he has taken the issue with the church, which intends to evict them from their ancestral land.
Ancestral lands used for the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project must be spared from assets that could be confiscated under a China loan deal in case the country defaults in payment, members of the Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC) said on Friday.
Scholars of the Hebrew Bible examine the political threads in its ancestral narratives, the politics of the matriarchs, the politics of the Abraham and the Jacob narrative, and the political reception of the ancestral narratives.
The Orang Asli from the Semai tribe had filed a suit against the two power companies, the federal and state governments, the Perak Land and Mines director, and the Orang Asli Development Department director-general in April last year over the construction of a hydropower plant on their ancestral land.
MALAKAND -- The funeral prayers of Pak Army Naib Subedar that was martyred while performing duty in Sialkot were offered in his ancestral village in Garhi Usmani Khel, Malakand.
The Potters have succeeded in perpetuating this ancestral tradition, which has become an essential part of their way of life and a source of income for their families.
New Mexico Ancestral Pueblo People & Fort Union
Clustered within this district were a large concentration of the tiled-roof bahay na bato (stone ancestral houses) where lavish cenas and tertulias were once held by the buena sociedad cebuana.
Indigenous peoples (IPs) from Mindanao asked President Duterte to assist them taking to court the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) and CPP chairman Jose Maria Sison for what they claimed were violations of their ancestral rights and safety and the murder of IP leaders.
Mirpur (AJK) -- Kashmir-origin member of the British Parliament and Shadow Minister of Justice Barrister Imran Hussain has welcomed the formation of Commission for Overseas Kashmir by Azad Jammu Kashmir government for the redressal of their grievances related to their problems at their ancestral places in AJK.