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ANCESTRAL. What relates to or has, been done by one's ancestors; as homage ancestral, and the like.

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A teenage boy whose father was ancestrally Jewish, but whose mother was an Italian Catholic who had converted to Masorti Judaism wished to attend JFS, a public Orthodox Jewish School.
However, because the populations within each continent were not freely mixing, the DNA of the modern human population in Africa that were ancestrally closer to Europe would have retained more of the ancestral DNA (specifically, genetic variants) that is also shared with Neanderthals.
The results of these ancestrally guided readings are noted down and preserved in beautiful calligraphy, sometimes framed, and preserved as powerful testimonies.
Shange, like others in the tradition, continues the trope of sea water as ancestrally embodied, consecrated, and divinized, made sacred by those who eternally rest on the ocean floor.
Bethune's leadership model is ancestrally aware, which is clear when she writes, "I am convinced that leadership must strive to show the value of these spiritual tools which are as real as anything we touch or feel, and far more powerful" (Bethune, 1999, p.
Nonetheless, when as an elder, "'you know that you know" something at the deepest level ancestrally, your knowledge and wisdom are never shaken, even when challenged, no matter how lovingly or harshly delivered.
Conditioned by schooling in bigotry, she is about to uncover the hidden world of ancestrally linked black heritage and embark on an unexpected life journey that will open her mind to racism's realities and hidden truths, thus changing her life forever.
On the other hand, this publication itself is an exhibition of intellectual artifacts, produced by university educated/affiliated scholars who--one may safely argue, depending how far back we go and how we define "migration"--are personally or ancestrally immigrant themselves.
The pieces collected here speak of a very different country, a vast expanse of possibilities of which one strand is the ancestrally North European, protectant and mercantilist, whose first language is English.
Many of the works are assertions of cultural difference and ancestrally sanctioned rights to land as contested space made within the order determined by the dominant settler culture.
If only we'd learn how to sense properly, be sensitive to animals and plants and the spiritual vibes deposited by those who have known the land ancestrally for thousands of years.
She/they/I/we are historically and ancestrally linked to the Rosewood/Calvert area in the Ipswich region and, therefore, also to the Brisbane Valley of South-East Queensland.