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ANCESTOR, descents. One who has preceded another in a direct line of descent; an ascendant. In the common law, the word is understood as well of the immediate parents, as, of these that are higher; as may appear by the statute 25 Ed. III. De natis ultra mare, and so in the statute of 6 R. III. cap. 6, and by many others. But the civilians relations in the ascending line, up to the great grandfather's parents, and those above them, they term, majores, which common lawyers aptly expound antecessors or ancestors, for in the descendants of like degree they are called posteriores. Cary's Litt.45. The term ancestor is applied to natural persons. The words predecessors and successors, are used in respect to the persons composing a body corporate. See 2 Bl. Com. 209; Bac. Abr. h.t.; Ayl. Pand. 58.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Another of Mesopotamia's daughters, the unraced Camogie, became the ancestress of Halling.
In chapter four the notion of ancestors appears, seen as a link to the ancestress and with her that of settlement, of origin, of the act of founding, of the fundamental importance of the autochtonous presence; is the residence of the neak ta not most often the hut of the founder?
Die Ahnfrau ( The Ancestress, 1817), a fate - tragedy not unlike those of Zacharias Werner, and a tragedy (1818) about the Greek poetess Sappho.
Green Valley features as the ancestress of numerous top performers including Alhaarth, Authorized, Okawango and Quijano.
The daughter of Val De Loir has since become the ancestress of Alhaarth and Authorized, and through her granddaughter Brooklyn's Dance is a prominent feature on tomorrow's card at Longchamp.
One granddaughter, the placed Tudor Minstrel mare Aimee, also left a great impression as the granddam of Blushing Groom and ancestress of Group 1 winners King Kamehameha (a leading sire in Japan), Air De Rien, Where Or When and Alwuhush, in addition to Shareta and Encke.
Louve Mysterieuse is a grandaughter of Oaks and Coronation Cup heroine Lupe, also ancestress of Group 1-winning half-brothers Loup Sauvage and Loup Solitaire.
Sea Of Heartbreak's third dam is Sarah Siddons, dam of Princess Patti and Seymour Hicks and ancestress of Excelebration.
They descend from the 1974 Irish 1,000 Guineas heroine Gaily, also the ancestress of Pilsudski, Youmzain and Creachadoir.
This is the family of Xaar, Cityscape and Bated Breath tracing to Best In Show, the granddam of El Gran Senor and ancestress of too many brilliant horses to mention.
Gaining that elusive Group 1 winner would uphold family honour for Ionian Sea, whose last recorded foal was a two-year-old filly by Galileo and so a sister to Imperial Monarch, as her Matron Stakes-winning grand-dam is ancestress of top-flight scorers Pressing, Mastercrafstman and Sakhee.