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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

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If you're one of the many people who enjoy Anchorman 2 .
It's evident that family means everything to Christina but she regards the rest of the Anchorman team – Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and the others – as her other family.
Anchorman is my favourite movie of all time - I've called it my Citizen Kane, I've called it my Gone With The Wind.
Channel 4 news anchorman Jon Snow speaking to journalism students (above) at Coventry University.
Hailing from Oita Prefecture, Chikushi was a reporter for the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and the editor of the Asahi Journal magazine, which is now suspended, before becoming the News 23 anchorman in 1989.
Then a stranger comes to the door: a teenager who called himself Anchorman, prone to long, wild rants that refer to the apocalypse, whom they quickly term Angerman.
On leaving the CBC in 1959, he became a reporter and anchorman for the CTV network.
He is an anchorman for a big television network, meaning that he is anchored to orthodoxy, and there is no greater orthodoxy than to ascribe greatness to military valor.