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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

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BERIUT: In a tearful and impromptu on-air announcement Tuesday night, May Chidiac, a leading Lebanese journalist and anchorwoman, informed viewers that she would be resigning from the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC).
According to Germaine, Diana was "slow-witted and neurotic", "devious and stupid", dressed like a TV anchorwoman and may have brought about her own death because going to Paris with Dodi was "another of her cack-handed manipulations".
Graduating from the University of Cairo in 1976, Koike was an Arabic interpreter and TV anchorwoman before turning to national politics.
She is our North Star, anchorwoman, excellent instructor and an inspiration to all of us.
When "The Rachael Ray Show" began searching for the TV anchorwoman with the worst hair in America, KEZI's Kerri Stewart decided to throw her, uh, "helmet" in the ring.
One of those moves took the family from Brooklyn, New York, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Gordon went on to attend the University of Oklahoma with dreams of becoming an anchorwoman.
The festival will also feature Esmeralda Santiago, award winning author of Almost A Woman and Maria Elena Salinas, Univision's news anchorwoman and author of My Father's Daughter.
Montague, who replaced Sue MacGregor as anchorwoman on the BBC's Today programme, will chair this year's CIMA annual conference on 25 November.
Crown Prince Felipe married former TV anchorwoman Letizia Ortiz before a sea of dignitaries yesterday, putting a commoner in line to be queen for the first time in Spanish history.
Congresswomen, Nita Lowey (D-NT), extend greetings and former FOX News Channel 5 anchorwoman and Emmy Award winning journalist, Barbara Laskin, President of Laskin Media, Inc.
Miss Wu was a broadcast journalist with TVBS in Taiwan and Miss Liu used to work for the company but is now an anchorwoman for the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television Company, Miss Wang said.
She becomes a blonde bombshell for this comedy about a super successful TV anchorwoman who interviews a street prophet - a chap who then tells her she will die the following week.