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having existed since before the time of legal memory (formerly fixed at 1189). See further ANCIENT DOCUMENTS, ACQUISITIVE PRESCRIPTION.
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ANCIENT. Something old, which by age alone has acquired some force; as ancient lights, ancient writings.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The book's author, Fazal Khaliq said Swat valley was a place with scenic beauty and unique ancient history. 'It is the responsibility of everyone to work for protection and preservation of archaeological sites because these are not mere structures but treasures of ancient information and history,' he said.
However I am going to try and use the next 500 words to explain why ancient history is far more interesting and worthy of your time.
The Ancient History syllabus, for example, requires students to 'analyse and evaluate sources for their usefulness and reliability' and to 'explain and evaluate differing perspectives and interpretations of the past' while 'using appropriate oral and written forms' (NSW Board of Studies, 2004a, p.
Even in ancient history, the population of Ephesus increased in number significantly, with traders, sailors and pilgrims visiting the city, and especially, the Temple of Artemis.
New York, NY, February 14, 2013 --( In honor of Valentine's Day, singer/songwriter Donald Ducote of Ancient History has put together a playlist for those who won't be feeling the love on February 14th.
Erol Rizaov analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik that the Serbian politics is running away from facing its history, with the wars on the threshold of the 21 century that dramatically reduced the material and human resources of the country while Macedonia, instead of using the advantages that it broke out of Yugoslavia without a bullet shot, is in search of ancient history and more glorious past on the account of Slavism that causes an identity crisis.
University bosses said it would be replaced with a new joint department of classics and ancient history, which will house a new Centre for Archaeological Studies.
THE heat is on - but Lutalo Muhammad has shrugged off the firestorm caused by his selection ahead of Aaron Cook, claiming it is "ancient history".
CHARTERHOUSE They want to sell off Charterhouse, A jewel in the city's crown, Of Coventry's ancient history, A stones throw from the town, It's stood here proud for centuries, This lovely prior of old, Protecting it's historic rooms, It's wealth worth more than gold, If walls could speak What would they say?
International Expeditions, the world leader in engaging travel, is resuming their Wings Over the Nile journey through Egypt and Jordan as travelers clamor to absorb both current events and ancient history. "We feel the rest of this year presents a rare opportunity for discerning travelers to experience the energy of Egypt without the crowds that can be found at more popular sites," said IE President Maggie Hart.
A History of Ancient Britain BBC2, 9pm Neil Oliver continues the story of how today's Britain and its people were forged over thousands of years of ancient history and, in tonight's penultimate instalment, explores one of the most mysterious periods in our pre-history, a time that sees the building of vast stone circles, passage tombs and Stonehenge itself - some of the most glorious monuments of the ancient world.

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