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having existed since before the time of legal memory (formerly fixed at 1189). See further ANCIENT DOCUMENTS, ACQUISITIVE PRESCRIPTION.

ANCIENT. Something old, which by age alone has acquired some force; as ancient lights, ancient writings.

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However I am going to try and use the next 500 words to explain why ancient history is far more interesting and worthy of your time.
Ancient History - Former My Sister in 1994 front man and international songwriter Donald Ducote has returned to the lo-fi music scene with his new project, Ancient History.
The successful archaeological programme in ancient history and archaeology will continue and there are plans to introduce a new history and archaeology programme as well as a proposal to create a new academic position to develop opportunities in classics and ancient history.
As the age of Western dominance draws to its seeming close, so it may be that Peter Heather and Bryan Ward-Perkins are catering to a fascination with something more than just ancient history.
The grandson of a Yorkshire cobbler, Prof Walbank, who has died, aged 98, was Emeritus Rathbone Professor of Ancient History at Liverpool University.
A LIVERPOOL lecturer has welcomed a government pledge that A-level ancient history will not be consigned to the past.
AS PART OF OUR "Coming of Age" series, we examine the new Vietnam through the eyes of Nguyen Song Nhi, 16, for whom the "American War" is ancient history.
Network for Instructional TV's (NITV) Dates That Matter is a free online tool that explores historical events from ancient history to the 1990s.
She created midrashim, using the biblical text, ancient history, varied commentaries on Genesis, and her own feminine experience and creativity.
They'll see the show that gave Ant and Dec their big break as ancient history and its termination as leaving a gap to be filled.
Profusely illustrated in color throughout, The Hidden Records is a welcome and recommended addition to personal and academic Metaphysical Studies collections, as well as supplemental reading lists in the fields of astronomy, mythology, and ancient history.

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