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WITHOUT THIS, THAT, pleading. These are technical words used in a traverse, (q.v.) for the purpose of denying a material fact in the preceding pleadings, whether declaration, plea, replication, &c. In Latin it is called absque hoc. (q.v.) Lawes on Pl. in Civ. Act. 119; Com. Dig. Pleader, G 1; Summary of Pleading, 75; 1 Saund. 103, n.; Ld. Raym. 641; 1 Burr. 320; 1 Chit. Pl. 576, note a.

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He discovered that the hinges of the tin locker were unscrewed and that it could be opened.
The Prince and the officer seemed disposed to watch him, but he succeeded in making it clear to them that this would inconvenience him and that he had to "puzzle out a bit" before he could get to work.
He had just appreciated as a special aspect of this irrational injustice of fate that these two men were alive and that Kurt was dead.
It was clear now that he had to kill these two men if he could, and that if they could, they would kill him.
To the best of Bradley's reckoning they were some twenty-five miles north of Fort Dinosaur, and that they might reach the fort on the following day, they plodded on until darkness overtook them.
The snapping of a twig aroused Brady out of a dead sleep, and as he opened his eyes, he saw that it was broad daylight and that at twenty paces from him stood a huge lion.
Again and again they fell; but be it to their credit that the one always waited and helped the other and that into the mind of neither entered the thought or the temptation to desert his companion--they would reach the fort together if both survived, or neither would reach it.
The American Lands Alliance and the Sierra Club worry that the program could turn national parks into commercial enterprises, and that the recreational fees provide incentives to develop the land.
And that, says Greg Adams, President of Triad Data Resource Systems in New Concord, Ohio, is a good thing.
Her dreams, 415 registered in all, began to be recorded in November 1587, and that winter they occurred on a nightly basis.