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We see no reason to disbelieve the very strong anecdotal evidence that such conditions have been ignored in dispensing it to large numbers of troops about to be deployed.
What we can't do is cherry-pick data or use anecdotal evidence to drive policy or to feed political agendas," Obama said in Oc
an anecdotal guide sharing alternative parental submonitions[TM] receives a lot of questions from readers who presume submonitions is a typo for either admonition or submunition but it is not.
All of these anecdotal "remedies" turned out to be a waste of time.
Because of these findings and anecdotal reports of deer ticks in Cook County, we also surveyed 3 sites in Cook County during the fall of 2005.
Still, although largely anecdotal, Rosen's rich mosaic of experiences related in this book makes for an informative read as the country slides further into what some see as a coming civil war, and others deem a quagmire.
Please e-mail any anecdotal evidence, issues and/or questions you have regarding this program to taxletter@aicpa.
The use of anecdotal vignettes and excerpts of student dialogue help to illustrate the application of these principles.
Preschool assessment continues with daily anecdotal observations of children's progress toward IEP goals and objectives.
This tendency, along with the anecdotal and repetitive style, gives the strong impression that we are reading a collection of lecture transcripts--rather than new work.
As with most of the book's assertions, Canseco makes his case almost entirely with anecdotal evidence.
Each biographical sketch includes birth and death dates, if available, basic biographical information, some fascinating anecdotal material, and bibliographic references.