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Anecdotal reports suggested that increases in health care costs were likely to turn up, and there were indications that fears about job security might be diminishing and that workers were becoming less reluctant to leave their jobs before finding better ones.
"We see no reason to disbelieve the very strong anecdotal evidence that such conditions have been ignored in dispensing it to large numbers of troops about to be deployed."
"While certainly there might be anecdotal evidence there, as all have noted, there's no data to support it, and what I have seen in my travels across this country is the dedication, the commitment and the resolve of our brave men and women in law enforcement to improving policing, to embracing the 21st Century Task Force recommendations, and to continuing to have a dialogue that makes our country safer for all." Lynch went on to say, referring to the task force created by President Barack Obama to bridge the divide between police officers and the communities they serve.
This anecdotal and satirical work, speaks to the taboos of swearing and appropriate communications to aimed at aiding parents through true to life fictional narrative and lessons-learned.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." Any claims of therapeutic benefit are purely anecdotal.
"This case provides a chilling example of the inherent risks of defending against a discrimination class action fueled by anecdotal examples of isolated, inappropriate conduct," says Barbara Hoey, a shareholder at Littler Mendelson.
* Anecdotal and empirical evidence of being called to certify death rather than resuscitate
But the Rand study isn't the "best thing we have." And it is itself completely "anecdotal." Smith based his results on a single questionnaire completed by 2,543 adults in Los Angeles County.
"So, we'll keep doing anecdotal research for our exclusive Case Studies as well as primary studies for our Benchmark Guides.
It is a compendium of anecdotal stories of friends and family, useful household tips, tales of rural farm life in Mill Creek Valley, Iowa during the 1940s and 50s, and Evelyn's own philosophy--all liberally sprinkled with recipes for the kinds of dishes so familiar to Midwestern American farm wives ranging from Stockyard Stew; Shepherd's Pie; and Pudding Mix Sweet Rolls; to Fried Apples; Tuna Crunch Salad; and Snickerdoodles.
The Canadian section of the report is based largely on anecdotal reports that the people trafficking includes:
A compendium of solid film industry information, invaluable advice for newcomers, illustrative anecdotal stories of her own experiences, practical tips for securing background acting jobs, locating legitimate casting agencies, as well as becoming both comfortable and professional on the set, "The Truth To Being An Extra" should be found in every college Theatre Department's reference collection and considered "must reading" for anyone aspiring to a background acting gig.