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Anecdotally there is trend towards reuse firms adding a value-added component to their operations.
If you had asked any of our counselors, anecdotally, they would have said that 90% of new HIV cases were linked to meth," says Quentin O'Brien, the center's director of health and mental health services.
Anecdotally, the Bush administration has earned a reputation for secrecy, whether it be from tight-lipped Cabinet officials or then-Attorney General John Ashcroft's 2001 recommendation to the Executive Branch that it err on the side of non-disclosure while processing Freedom of Information Act requests.
We know anecdotally that affluent school districts that can afford to purchase extensive curriculum will make those purchases, but school districts that are cash-starved, like so many school districts in the state, are all too ready to take it for free.
After the City last summer began requiring that all tax forms related to property transfers be submitted electronically, Baron would hear anecdotally about problems with ACRIS and started working with developers to create a free, web-based solution that would dramatically simplify the creation of the New York City Department of Finance ACRIS E-Tax forms for all real property and co-op conveyances in New York City.
What I can tell you, anecdotally, is that they are asking that this be part of the menu of products that are offered to them, in addition to HMO, PPO and point-of-service"
In fact, cherries, which are high in anti-inflammatory anthocyanins, plant-based chemicals that give the fruit its dark red color, have been linked anecdotally to reduction of pain in arthritis and gout, with animals studies showing it can reduce swelling and inflammation in rats.
Anecdotally, sources perceived gains or stable reading habits in segments of the black community, and others said that the rise of computers, the Internet and gadgetry did not necessarily pose a threat to books and reading.
That experience also underscores, if only anecdotally, Marcus Smith's advice to learn (or have your mailing house learn) just what time of day shipments are trucked to the airport.
They and their contributions are only mentioned anecdotally, if at all, in the centennial, sesquicentennial, and bicentennial celebrations of the villages and towns along the Southern Tier.
Bebinger said she's heard anecdotally of many Illinois facilities that looked into new alarm systems or to enhance their existing systems.