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With no anecdotic connection mediating between them, and notwithstanding the quite different narrative treatment and characterization that they are accorded in their respective stories, it is no accident that these two are brothers.
On the other hand, since the constant use of anecdotes presents the column itself as harmless banter, it brings down the serious, political news to the level of anecdotic (and often comically absurd) fun.
Though our evidence in this section is merely anecdotic, it indicates a possible extension of our findings to corporate strategy.
These might tell about social events he was involved in, transactions such as bridewealth paid by his family, and other shared experiences such as working together or hunting trips or anecdotic stories, interspersed with many deep sighs of "Oh Jowage, oh Danda".
According to Ricoeur, plot lies at the crossing point of temporality and narrativity and this component of narrative should not be reduced to the anecdotic surface of the story (Ricoeur 2002: 35-37).
1) As the formation of the Italian Nation--and of modern Italian identities--constituted the result of not only economic and political developments but also of cultural interventions, the salon, centered on the figure of the salonniere, provides insights for a literary investigation on a period--the nineteenth century--traditionally accounted for either through a few canonic literary figures or by way of sketchy and anecdotic stories.
In humans, there only is anecdotic evidence of these effects.