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Unfortunately, and as same as most cases, reports as same as impacts are mainly based on anecdotic information given by local farmers (see Mianzan et al.
Theory and anecdotic country level studies suggest that microfinance could have significant effect on banking sector and growth and vice versa; while financial sector development and microfinance relationship is build on improved access to finance.
Based on anecdotic evidence, therapist and client agreed that, from his early youth on, Jack had learned to respond with anger and avoidance when a relationship did not attend to his needs.
On the other hand, a lack of resources as an obstacle to the use of the Internet in class correlates significantly with practically all teaching practices, with the exception of communication and teamwork, which have an anecdotic impact on their application.
In eight years, it was never able to be anything else than a purely anecdotic and tiny group, without even an Internet site, a blog or a Facebook page.
Analyses are often based on assumptions or anecdotic references, and tend to provoke loud responses from every corner of the political spectrum.
26) Nevertheless, and only as per its anecdotic value, it has been interesting to notice how in a few occasions, women in the position of department Chairs have been more vocally opposed to the policies of a female Provost, while they seem reluctant to express publicly a disagreement with their Deans.
Narrator Myles then depicts the scene as an anecdotic, marginal event of everyday life: meeting a loquacious acquaintance at the bus stop.
For instance, the anecdotic and idiomatic exchange between Nwakerendu Nwokedi and his son in-law, Senator Arikpo, in which the former bemoans his bad political fate, enhances the foreboding atmosphere in the play, Nwokedi:
Anecdotic records have also been reported for the Osprey and Red-tailed Hawk (Eltzroth 1996).
On the other hand, this structural use of the color, which enables the reader to link elements across the limits of the panel, is also a means of redefining the relationship between color as a narrative device and color as an anecdotic feature of fictional elements.
Far from being anecdotic, this presence reveals the connection of America with the world commercial circuits.