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I'm worried that a lot of these children with acute anemic events were prone to recurrent anemic events from dysfunctional uterine bleeding, cancer, or repeat GI bleeds.
If you're anemic [and elderly], you won't live as long as a person who's not anemic," says hematologist Jerry L.
44 Magnum is not anemic, except, perhaps, just maybe when it's compared to colossal calibers like the .
Patients were considered anemic if they had a hemoglobin level of 8 g/dL or less in the first 48 hours.
Orders for intermediate goods and raw materials will show no significant upward movement for the remainder of this year, but anemic growth of less than 3 percent should emerge during the second quarter of 2004.
And its efforts to prevent food poisoning have been anemic.
An annual survey by Battelle Memorial Institute and R&D magazine found that respondents were projecting an anemic 0.
In a study of 162 pediatric renal transplant recipients, 67% of patients were found to be anemic at the time of transplantation.
In 1978, Good Morning America" weatherman John Coleman spent his nights preparing his morning forecasts and his days plotting his dream venture, an all-weather channel to supplant the anemic TV news coverage, which he considered grossly inadequate given the effect weather has on people's lives.
You don't have to be anemic in the classic textbook sense for your iron status to affect your training.
The patient was clinically anemic, had no fever, and had several subconjunctival hemorrhages.
Throughout Europe, between 50 percent and 60 percent of patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy may be anemic.