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Underweight, anemic and malnourished children under the age of five should be taken care of.
25%) students from middle and 4 (5%) students from upper socioeconomic status were anemic.
In many societies anemic women have other features (such as low socio-economic status) which may cause low birth weight and preterm birth.
In a study conducted on adults of Vietnam it was found that selenium levels were low in anemic adults as compared to the nonanemic adults.
The placentas were divided into two groups: the anemic group, 30 placentas from pregnancies complicated with sideropenic anemia, but without any other risk factor or disease that could affect the course and outcome of pregnancy, and the control group, 30 placentas from pregnancies without signs of anemia and any other risk factor for pregnancy disorder.
One year after treatment women in the anemic group had a significant increase in energy, along with physical and social function, and a decrease in anxiety and depression compared to the non-anemic group.
This FDA's decision was based on a New Drug Application (NDA), including results from two randomized, controlled, open-label, Phase 3 studies that demonstrated the safety and efficacy of OMONTYS dosed once monthly in maintaining hemoglobin (Hb) levels in anemic CKD patients on dialysis.
Prospective screening of all children admitted to one hospital during a 30-month period found that 398 were having acute anemic events - accounting for nearly 1% of all admissions and 12% of children admitted with sickle cell disease.
In Pakistan more than 40 percent of total female population is anemic.
47 billion yen, stemmed largely from anemic personal consumption which undercut sales, forcing it to book a range of one-off expenses including write-downs on its faltering game arcade stores.
Summary: In the UK, anemic economic growth is set to bring inflation lower, with the Consumer Price Index expected to decline to just 2.