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Mathematical models normally include Euler's equation for describing the rotation of a rigid body (anemometer cup rotor), affected by both aerodynamic and friction torque [5]:
Until the time when a single anemometer and anemometer geometry again become the defacto industry standard, manufacturers will likely not be able to report area factors that can be used with any of the newer instrumentation types available.
Part of the problem is that the Lightning adapter's pigtail is too short to clip the anemometer on the phone (especially with a fat case on it), so you have to hold the phone in one hand and the anemometer in the other--stressing the flopping cable.
Data from three-dimensional sonic anemometers were used with the following to calculate the wind speed U:
Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Anemometer Working Principle
The specifications of each anemometer and flow-meter are shown in Table 5.
Notwithstanding, the methods proposed in reference [8], in SAE standard J2263 [5] and in the proposed phase-II rule [4] to name a few, rely on assumptions that do not take into consideration the turbulent nature of the terrestrial wind for the calibration of a vehicle-mounted anemometer. For instance, one such assumption was exemplified by Buckley [8]:
The Welsh Government said that, days after the anemometer system was knocked out by a suspected lightning strike on January 25, a temporary system was installed near the bridge.
announces the availability of breezeSONIC[TM] - the world's first self-powered alarm anemometer. Intended for use on aerial lift work platforms and other wind-sensitive structures, breezeSONIC is powered by an internal self-contained generator, so no batteries are required for operating the device.
Members of the planning committee were on a visit close to Llanddona, Anglesey yesterday where an anemometer to measure wind speeds is proposed to be sited.
Wind speed can be measured with an instrument called an anemometer.