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As Sorrentino says anent Zukofsky's poetry, essays such as this "ca nnot be licked off the page.
Anent your letter of April 13, there may be some mutually convenient time during the campaign when I can stop by, but we'll just have to see.
1998) ("[T]he [Boston Public] School Committee suggests that [Boston Latin]'s status as a secondary school, as opposed to a university, materially alters the decisional calculus and warrants judicial deference to school officials' determinations anent the racial and ethnic composition of the student body.
Anent the first of these phrases, a two-sided single-spaced loose sheet has been inserted into the book, adding the remarks of Prof.
29) Campbell, "The Rise of the Higher Education," 134; see also Memorandum anent incorporation of the Glasgow Association for the Higher Education of Women as a College (1883), DC233/2/4/2/6, GUA.
His enjoyment of verbal play is shared in comments on "jene, die ihre Ellbogen einsetzen, sich durchsetzen und sich daraufsetzen, also etwas besetzen, indem sie es besitzen," and, anent the paparazzi, "Kein Mensch vertragt die Uberbelichtung, und jeder ist der Nachsicht bei Nahsicht bedurftig.
The wings of the driver's Marlenesque nose shone, having shed or burned up their ration of powder, and she kept up an elegant monologue anent the local traffic, and smiled in profile, and pouted in profile, and beat her painted lashes in profile, while I prayed we would never get to that store, but we did.
Crosby and Otto (1998) generally find that permanent inflation shocks have little or no perm anent effect on the level of the capital stock in a large sample of countries during the postwar period.
The following is extracted from a personal direct-mail letter from Tina Brown anent her new magazine: "TALK.
Rangoonwala is likely to have taken over as is president there anent.
I think most of us recognise the frustration of sleeping with a partner who snores, but I am not sure perm anent nights apart is not going to present more problems within your relationship.
Of course, her every scene - including her covering for him anent the ambiguous "fly fishing" - establishes her centrality.