anesthetic agent

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The second weakness was that we did not explore the interactions among sex, age, and type of inhaled anesthetic agent.
Ketamine was the last drug added and if seizures were still not controlled then anesthetic agents like thiopental and propofol were used.
There are multiple local anesthetic solutions that are used nowadays, so the dentists should have a good understanding of the anesthetic agents, their mechanism of action, and their clinical effectiveness.
Today, ketamine is the only known anesthetic agent with analgesic, hypnotic and amnestic effects, which also protects pharyngeal and laryngeal reflexes and does not evoke cardiovascular and respiratory depression.
Thus, in this study, clove oil is identified as the most suitable anesthetic agent for P.
The spinal anesthesia techniques using local anesthetic agents only do not provide the same level of analgesia for labor or post-cesarean section as the additional use of neuraxial opioids.
at 100mg/kg BW intravenously was used solely as anesthetic agent while in group F medetomidine HCl was used as prenesthetic and five minutes later anesthesia was induced with chloral hydrate.
It was a potent, sweet smelling, non irritant, volatile anesthetic agent.
Propofol and methohexital as anesthetic agents for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): a comparison of seizure-quality measures and vital signs.
Clove oil is a rather strong and effective sedative and anesthetic agent even though it is used in low doses.
Among the topics are functions of the liver, considerations in selecting an inhaled anesthetic agent in liver disease, liver disease in pregnancy, anesthesia for liver transplant, and congenital cholestatic syndromes.
JHP will be responsible for manufacturing and supply of an injectable anesthetic agent.