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Throughout both articles, a few terms will resurface as reference points of discussion; understanding these terms will help place the various anesthetic agents and techniques in the appropriate context.
Although there are always risks associated with the development of any new drug, the development of an anesthetic agent is comparatively straight-forward and expeditious and we plan to move as quickly as possible to initiate clinical trials with GPI-15715.
The local anesthetic agents lidocaine and prilocaine are considered safe to administer to a pregnant patient (both are considered Category B drugs by the FDA) since they have not demonstrated any teratogenic effects in humans, even in doses far exceeding the maximum recommended daily dose.
2]), and anesthetic agents in hospital environments such as operating rooms, procedural sedations and intensive care units, according to company officials.
In 49 episodes, anesthetic coma was induced, and patients required anesthetic agents for an average 9.
Local and general anesthetic agents are commonly used in pregnancy, especially for epidural or combined spinal epidural analgesia at delivery.
It has fewer chapters, with consolidation of chapters on cardiac pathophysiology and disease and anesthetic agents, new chapters on pathophysiology of the pneumoperitoneum, rhabdomyolysis, and other topics; and additional or expanded chapters on special topics like informed consent and adolescents.
1) Throughout WWI and WWII, continuous advances were made to provide gas anesthetic agents to the austere conditions of the battlefield.
Only anesthesiologists are qualified to operate the device which provides oxygen and anesthetic agents to patients.
Research in the 1980s produced growing evidence that various anesthetic agents, particularly the injected ones, bind to such receptors.
MITO, Japan - A 26-year-old intern doctor was arrested Monday in Ibaraki Prefecture on a charge of stabbing a friend in the shoulder with a syringe containing anesthetic agents, police said.