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The former method, they tell us, "uses empirical evidence to identify patterns through a rigorous process of deduction as well as a systematic process of induction," whereas the latter "relies on assertion and illustration." The scientific findings attained through stylized models and large quantitative data-sets are not shaken by "the presentation of selected counterexamples that may well, indeed should, exist, but as minority phenomena." Some might read in these comments an epistemological overconfidence in the assumption sensitive arts of number-crunching, and in the capacity of the formalized mathematics to track and explicate the anfractuous proceedings of real-world histories.
Go there (it's still online), choose love or lust, and you will follow an anfractuous and unending path of either/or links like "In social situations, are you most often feared by others or protected by others?" to another question like "Does the word 'outlet' make you jump for joy or leave you cold?" then to "Are you for or against Jane Fonda exercise tapes?" and on, This piece can be taken as, among many things, a satire of multiple-choice pop-psychology tests, a parody of hyperlinks, and an inquiry into the nature of free will.
Clinton's bathos oozing from my radio last Monday was so anfractuous in its oleosity that I began to sit up and pay attention.
Every fossil situated out of its normal orientation, every mountain peak, every anfractuous cave, every silted delta, every meandering river valley, every sheered tectonic plate studied through the lens of scriptural inerrancy (and tested by scientific theory) reveals its place in a knowable past and future - all linked, I realized at last, by a sense of purpose.