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ANGEL. An ancient English coin of the value of ten shillings sterling. Jac. L. D. h.t.

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This little angelical kitten was very scared when she came to us - but the more interaction with humans she gets the more confident she becomes.
com)-- Sonia Angelica Abarca Angel is the founder and owner of Angelic Contact/Contacto Angelical, a Spiritual Communication group.
A outra personagem, Jose Arcanjo, tem um nome angelical, que bem poderia estar ocultando algo demoniaco pela sua preferencia por mulheres ricas.
Army Veteran, is an author of a Sci-Fi book called Phleideis (A Pharaoh Story) and a producer of 2 other Indie films called Rantoon and Angelical Courts.
Os sorrisos e a expressao serena de algumas criancas sugerem uma atmosfera angelical e ludica.
El interes del dibujo se centra, no obstante, en los dos personajes centrales: don Juan Tenorio, de rodillas y con ceno airado, intenta soltarse de la mano firme de una mujer de gesto poco angelical que le sujeta con la siniestra, mientras con la diestra senala al cielo.
Angelical Martin enjoys the collaborative exchange of knowledge and ideas in the scientific field, but as a second-year Duke University graduate student studying cellular and molecular biology, the Detroit native is often left feeling isolated and unable to relate to her peers.