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ANGEL. An ancient English coin of the value of ten shillings sterling. Jac. L. D. h.t.

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The nuns had a devil of a time reminding us that in sacred music, notes are not dragged sensuously, but floated angelically into a kind of mystical flow that lifts the soul to God.
He closed the note with "May you always Look Homeward, Angelically, Mr.
The "beauty" of course shows in stained glass and Christmas cards and Sunday school pageants: radiant mother dressed all in blue, gazing adoringly at her baby boy sleeping angelically in a box of straw ...
Lauren may have an angelically sweet voice but it lifts above the crisp electro notes with ease.
The quaking, flatulent guitar tones of 1979's "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)" were miles removed from the angelically pristine harmonies of "Helpless" and "Birds," and the intentionally flub-laden abrasiveness of albums "Tonight's the Night" and "Zuma" puzzled many critics and listeners accustomed to the poppier strains of "Heart of Gold."
And at the same time he has a part in God's eternal intelligence, he is its trace, someone nearly angelically elevated.
This chorus concludes with the lines 'Old Man Mose is Dead / But Deadbelly get ahead / Ha ha ha.' The play on Leadbelly as Deadbelly and the slightly demonic laugh that closes this chorus suggest that the jazz musician/poet is a tricksterlike figure transmogrified from 'the furtive madman / of old sane times' into a self-serving modern hipster ..." (Grace 176)--quite different from the eulogized and beatified Charlie Parker that angelically now concludes the cycle.
He releases from well beyond the circle and angelically glides over Valanciunas.
Singer Owain's vocals swirl angelically to astonishing choral effect, while pristine and intricately picked guitar lines leap around their brooding rhythms.
And through the advanced technology of modern music-making the fictional Cheryl's "flat and anaemic cheeping means that on her records she possesses perfect pipes and pitch, her voice angelically enhanced by computer programmes and back-up singers." In other words, a con.
Who turned up angelically, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
Indeed, the one character who knit the melee together in the audience's eyes, who gave it form and meaning, was Young Lucius, garbed angelically in a brilliant white toga.