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But new research suggests certain angiogenesis inhibitors may actually promote the growth of tumours.
Moulton stated that she will explore several key areas in her EntreMed-sponsored research efforts over the next two years: "With regard to plaque neovascularization, or new blood vessel growth, research efforts will focus on gaining an understanding of the role angiogenesis inhibitors play in the delay of plaque progression.
Decision Resources' new Emerging Markets Physician & Payer Forum report entitled Emerging Markets Physician & Payer Forum: Payer and Clinician Perspectives on the Role of Premium-Priced Angiogenesis Inhibitors in Brazil and Mexico also finds that--in line with interviewed payer insights--surveyed prescribers of Roche/Genentech/Chugai's Avastin in Brazil and Mexico identify patients with good performance status as prime candidates for Avastin treatment, along with younger patients and those without comorbidities.
PI-88 is a compound that is unique among other angiogenesis inhibitors, and we are looking forward to investigating its potential in treating cancer patients," Dr.
Rupnick and her colleagues have ruled out the possibility that angiogenesis inhibitors simply made the mice sick or spoiled their taste for food.
Folkman's lab has developed angiogenesis inhibitors that are now in clinical trials.
Angiogenesis stimulants last only a short time, whereas the angiogenesis inhibitors seem to work for months, at least in mice.