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The scribal additions, in angle brackets in the transcription, are also translated, also in angle brackets in the translation, so that readers can judge for themselves the extraneous or duplicate nature of the segment (e.
For the Greekless reader, a second edition could also include a note on the use of angle brackets.
The system of Standard Generalized Markup Language, used by the Defense Department to create computerized technical documentation, employs specifically defined symbols, usually angle brackets (|is less than~|is greater than~), to flag specific information.
3 different types of shelves, steel blank filler panels in solid and vented styles, right angle brackets and three styles of cable managers among our many items in stock, Vericom can help bring new life to your cabinets and racks.
TOOLS AND MATERIALS: Chop saw, drill driver, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, spirit level, string line 6in x 2in joists and beams, 100mm screws (measure up first for quantities), angle brackets (three per joist) Top Tip: To ensure you have a level surface, you can lay timber panels on the ground first to act as the foundations.
Three or more units joined vertically need to be secured to the wall with steel angle brackets for stability.
PROVIDING EASY AND STABLE J-hook installations are CADDY AFAB Series angle brackets.