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Angle of incidence. (a) Schematic drawing of the simulated set-up.
It is because the maximum of the total field shifts slightly to bigger angles along with increasing of tip-surface separation as the intensity of the external field at p-polarized illumination decreases with the distance to the surface faster at smaller angle of incidence, as shown in Figure 3.
[K.sup.-4]) [theta]: Angle of incidence ([omicron]) [tau]: Transmittance of glass cover [alpha]: Absorptance of the receiver [gamma]: Intercept factor [rho]: Reflectance of the mirror.
The results indicate that RRE of the analyzed RTPs decreases as the angle of incidence increases.
This angle is equal to the angle of incidence for a horizontal surface.
The value of distortion at a given image point is a function of incoming ray angle of incidence. The most popular radial distortion model is the odd-order polynomial model (Gennery, 2006; Kannala, 2006) in general form:
I used a single fixed geometry and repeated my testing with four different calibers--.22 LR, 9mm, .45 ACP and .223.1 then varied the angle of incidence to the water using both 9mm and .223 to see the point at which the bullets began to bounce rather than dive into the water.
The idea of light travelling through a Fiber is first the light gets injected into the Fiber and strike the core to cladding interface at an angle greater than the critical angle, reflects back into core, since the angle of incidence and reflection are equal.
Tracing the ray backwards down into the stone, the corresponding angle of incidence, i', can be calculated.
The target colour doesn't matter, nor do shiny surfaces, and the angle of incidence can be oblique.
The amount of light that is reflected on the surface is dependent on the angle of incidence and the properties of the surface.
Effects of stiffness and thermal relaxation times on the amplitude ratios for incidence of various plane waves, for example, longitudinal wave (P-wave), thermal wave (T-wave), and transverse wave (SV-wave), are depicted numerically and shown graphically with angle of incidence.