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The results indicate that RRE of the analyzed RTPs decreases as the angle of incidence increases.
The collector is rotated about a horizontal N-S axis and adjusted continuously to make minimum angle of incidence.
The FDTD has also been applied in the past with the PBC, but is fraught with a number of difficulties, primarily encountered when the angle of incidence of the incident plane wave is not close to normal.
When the applied wave is given some angle of incidence, the phase matching condition changes.
The reflectance bandwidth for the TE wave (as shown in Figure 4(a)) is obviously enlarged when the angle of incidence increases, as compared to the reflectance bandwidth of normal incidence.
The frequency intervals with negative value of GD and GS are observed only for asymmetric resonators and always located near the resonance frequency or angle of incidence (Figures 2(a)-(b), line 3).
is smaller than the angle of incidence of the photon to the mirror of telescope 9 by a factor of R([t.
l]) reported at airfoil chord depending angle of incidence ([alpha]) at Re = 272000 for minimum speed of 36 km/h.
In this status, the dimensions are definite; the angle of incidence is zero; only the tensors {[[epsilon].
y]: the components of the initial direction vector 0i, 6r: the angle of incidence and angle of refraction