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The collector is rotated about a horizontal N-S axis and adjusted continuously to make minimum angle of incidence.
It can be found that with the Reynolds number increasing, the role of air viscosity decreases; the area of the separation of the upper surface of decreases at the same angle of incidence and the performance improves.
For each angle of incidence to the right, draw in the angle of reflection.
Internal reflection spectroscopy (IRS) is a consequence of the optical property that radiation passing through a denser (higher refractive index) medium at an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle will be totally internally reflected at a boundary in contact with a material of lower refractive index.
The Canadian Space Agency performed the difficult feat of rotating RADARSAT 180 degree during the first Antarctic Mapping Mission, in order to provide the needed angle of incidence for Antarctic imaging.
They observed variance in domain structure of magnetic metallic thin films with the angle of incidence used to deposit the films.
2], and if the critical angle of the total reflection of the angle of incidence is exceeded, then there is a reverse reflection of the IR ray into the optically more dense medium.
The most sensitive Mueller scattering matrix element, the best scattering angle, and the best angle of incidence o n the paper were determined.
An example of the effect of different settings for angle of incidence on a group A streptococcus immunoassay is shown in Fig.
To facilitate performance, each subject was taught a law of physics stating that "the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.
The angle of incidence of the monochromatic light used in this study was 15 [degrees] from the normal, written by convention as -15 [degrees].
Reflection properties are a function of the angle of incidence.