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ta], along the anchor plane is a parameter dependant on the angle of inclination of the anchor plane, angle of inclination of tension field and the maximum allowable shear and tensile strength of concrete.
As the angle of inclination increases, output capacity of the unit decreases, with a corresponding increase in retention time.
Due to the eccentric position the annulus becomes enlarged as well as narrowed in the direction of angle of inclination giving rise to the different fluid dynamic phenomena.
By means of the diameter increase angle of inclination reduces.
Next lesson I asked students to work in small groups and think about whether they could find the gradient of a line if they knew only its angle of inclination.
Exaggerated flexion of the mother's legs in the McRoberts maneuver will not change the diameter of the pelvis, but it decreases the angle of inclination and may allow the blocked shoulder to dislodge.
In the uninvolved limb, the reduction of the angle of inclination and increase in echodensity also took place but to a lesser degree.
During a four-hour period over the course of five days, four of the men held the wall in this precarious position while the fifth supervi sed, verifying that the angle of inclination was maintained.
More important, the chunk may have an orbit whose angle of inclination vibrates in sync with that of Jupiter or Saturn.