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They also stated that the most frequently seen level was C4, the localization was not the same on the right and the left sides, it was usually 6 mm superior to the thyroid cartilage, and angle of mandible could be used as a reference point (Klosek & Rungruang).
We realised that inferior and anterior relocation was much easier by holding at the angle of mandible and retracting forward.
Cutaneous supply of angle of mandible is supplied by greater auricular nerve which synapses with neighboring nerve fibers like facial nerve and branches of mandibular nerve.
approximately 21/2 inches anterior to the angle of mandible below 1st and 2nd premolar teeth, just medial to inferior border of mandible; a blunt dissection is done with straight mosquito artery forceps.
There was a bony hard swelling at the angle of mandible which seemed to be intracortical.
In hyperextended neck, the distance between the angle of mandible and the midpoint of symphysis menti (Variable A) and the distance between the symphysis menti and the thyroid notch (Variable B) were taken in centimetres (Fig.
Zone-1 below cricoids to thoracic inlet, zone-2 from cricoids to the angle of mandible and zone-3 above the angle of mandible.