angle of vision

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The fore- and-aft rig in its simplicity and the beauty of its aspect under every angle of vision is, I believe, unapproachable.
Archdeacon Claude had the credit also of having fathomed the mystery of the colossus of Saint Christopher, and of that lofty, enigmatical statue which then stood at the entrance of the vestibule, and which the people, in derision, called "Monsieur Legris." But, what every one might have noticed was the interminable hours which he often employed, seated upon the parapet of the area in front of the church, in contemplating the sculptures of the front; examining now the foolish virgins with their lamps reversed, now the wise virgins with their lamps upright; again, calculating the angle of vision of that raven which belongs to the left front, and which is looking at a mysterious point inside the church, where is concealed the philosopher's stone, if it be not in the cellar of Nicolas Flamel.
The whole country around within the angle of vision was lit up till it seemed to glow.
Brown's skill is to keep shifting the angle of vision and with it, our sympathies, creating a story considerably more fascinating than its subject deserves." JOANNA SCUTTS
As the debate about work and its supposed disappearance intensifies, "Work: The Last 1,000 Years" provides a crucial shift in the angle of vision.
The mean angle of vision with an endoscope was less than 105[degrees] in 56% of cases, which means even with a 30[degrees] endoscope, the fundus could not be visualized.
It also offers one of the book's few sustained close readings of Emerson texts: "Fate," "Worship," and "Character." Mudge, continuing a critical tendency to read in Emerson's work a linear progression toward a more explicitly pragmatic angle of vision, says these essays "reveal a loose package of pragmatic idealism that defined [Emerson's] post-Civil War active life" (235).
However, the vast majority of achromatic OEM coatings have special effects which add sparkle or other reflections or refractions combined with colors which change according to the angle of vision. Often these effects are an important way for automobile manufacturers to differentiate their brands.
The inspiration for her theological angle of vision, if one chooses to consider it that, is Nicolas of Cusa, a 15th-century cardinal.
You can rotate the phone and get a different view depending on your angle of vision. CEO Jeff Bezos calls this ''dynamic perspective'' and said the phone is basically redrawing the image 60 times per second.
Use the computer's mouse tochange the line of sight and angle of vision.