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That was a very good ride from Jim, who did well to angle off the fence to alleviate the chance of getting trapped on the rail," De Kock added.
6 Aaron Shingler Cut a glorious angle off Patchell that sent him searing into the Scotland backfield - a break that should have resulted in an Evans score.
Mexico could have scored another goal but luck was not on their side as Jairo Torres' shot from a difficult angle off a free-kick hit the left post.
While the front-strap of the EMP has the same angle off the bore as every other 1911, the practical result of the carry cut on the frame is to make the perceived grip angle slightly more vertical than with a standard 1911.
Early in the second half, home captain Gary Irvine cleared an Andreu shot from a tight angle off the line.
Home skipper Gary Irvine cleared a goalbound Andreu shot from a tight angle off the line, though it was trundling rather than thundering towards the net.
The Saints, sensing their dominance of the game, then all but sealed the tie on 35 minutes when Jamie Mullan ran at The Nomads' goal from a tight angle off the left wing and chipped the ball over Danby to score.
Moron proposed the use of an oblique posterior plate at 5[degrees] to 8[degrees] angle off centre from long axis of humerus to obviate this problem.
The base scene contains an FPC that fires projectiles at a specified angle off center (see Figure 1).
Ben Starosta equalized for Global nine minutes into the second half with a left-footed volley from a tight angle off a flick from El-Habbib, after Hector Zaghi put Stallion on top in the 24th minute.
If you had a good tile cutter and a smoothing stone and trimmed a slight angle off the vertical edges of each tile you could even make bowl shapes.