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The strategy will be implemented by a new partnership body the National Angling Strategy Partnership Board, coordinated by the Angling Trust with representatives from the Environment Agency, Angling Trades Association, Get Hooked on Fishing and Canal and River Trust.
Catch-and-release angling affected pike swimming activity, habitat choice, and growth, but indirect angling disturbances (boating) did not.
More than 50 organisations and 2,000 individuals have signed up to support SACC and more than PS10,000 raised in donations from angling clubs and individuals who are concerned about the damage to wildlife habitats and the economic impact on angling, farming and other rural businesses that universal access would cause.
As a keen sportsman, my passion for angling has taken me to the banks of many waters in the North West.
Many angling clubs have been in existence for decades and a few have even celebrated their 100th birthday!
Send your entries to: People Sport Angling Competition, PO Box 4024, E14 5BZ.
Eleven youngsters aged 8-13 took part, and learned about fish anatomy, fishing seasons, angling tactics, environmental issues connected with angling, fish welfare, different types of angling, and the use and maintenance of fishing tackle.
Qualified coaches will help visitors take their first steps into angling, showing them how to set up and the best methods to catch fish.
The Club Championship is the flagship contest of SANA, the ruling body of game angling in Scotland.
Following a competitive procurement process, the Environment Agency awarded the contract as part of a continued drive to work with partners to ensure freshwater fisheries thrive and encourage more people to go angling throughout England.
Angling Cymru, the governing body for game, sea and coarse fishing in Wales, will be joined by the Angling Trust, the Countryside Alliance, the Country Land and Business Association, the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association and angling clubs from across Wales.
It was a very welcome initiative and during the initial period has succeeded in laying down solid foundations for the furtherance of the sport of angling here in Wales.