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The more he thought of it, the more persuaded he felt of his own cleverness here, and the hotter and the angrier he grew.
And growing angrier each moment, they went from words to blows, and finally began to scratch and bite and slap each other.
I had so plainly the upper-hand that my spirits rose, and indeed I took a pleasure in this game of blindman's buff; but the catechist grew angrier and angrier, and at last began to swear in Gaelic and to strike for my legs with his staff.
She was even handsomer than I had thought, and her beauty of a bolder type, but she was also angrier than I had anticipated when I came so readily to the door.
Elizabeth had never been angrier with her brother, but an innate goodness of heart had prevented her falling upon him before he had had rest and refreshment.
What's more, female happy faces were judged to be happier than an equally happy male group, and angry male crowds were judged to be angrier than angry females, suggesting that the sex of the people in the crowd colors how a person perceives emotion.
After he is sent to the Wild School for his unruly behaviour, he becomes angrier.
e second generation car was altogether angrier and more purposeful and justly sold in big numbers.
A LOVING son who became "a much angrier, hostile young man" after a car crash eight years ago has been given PS4million compensation to pay for lifelong care.
I've tried squeezing the spots but it tried squeezing the spots but it just makes them redder and just makes them redder and angrier and sometimes leaves angrier and sometimes leaves scars.
The Malakand Levies told the protesters to protest peacefully which made them angrier and they mob started taking law into their hands.
The laughs included lines like: "Everyone, everywhere is just getting angrier and angrier", while we're also "A country out of control" and "A nation on the edge.