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I'm really, really angry - the angriest I've been as a manager and I'm really unhappy with the display that we put on.
If these guys were not on Strictly, they would be teaching for tuppence" Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood responds to the professional dancers on the show who complain they are being underpaid, at PS30,000 for the series "A spectacular mistake" Jack Straw, Labour's former home secretary, on his government's decision to open Britain's borders to Eastern European migrants "He is the angriest man you will ever meet.
The initial title on the runway for the output deal is The Angriest Man In Brooklyn.
We know it's difficult to believe, such is the soar-away success of Carmarthen's angriest man, but there are plenty of other up and coming jokers out there looking to repeat his success.
Of course, that didn't prevent Newsweek's The Daily Beast website recently from listing America's 10 Angriest Cities, based on Occupy Wall Street protesters from Oct.
Even animals get annoyed, they note, from stickleback fish fuming over the color red to mice genetically engineered to be the angriest rodents on the planet.
The angriest man in Scotland appeared to be Cumnock publican Hugh Nairn, of the Craighead Inn, who was being rebuked by his local licensed trade association for selling his bevvy too cheap, with heavy going for just 44 pence a pint.
At least that's what Men's Health magazine says, in ranking the angriest cities in America.
Sometimes the worst anger and feelings are always inside and I can guarantee you that it was one of the most angriest of days.
In the 1980s I drew and wrote the comic strip The Angriest Dog In The World for a Los Angeles newspaper.
Compelling in its blunt eloquence, guardedly optimistic even at its angriest and most disappointed, Baldwin's 1962 reflections on the state of the black man in America is one of the most important works to have arisen from the heart of the Civil Rights Movement.
It's hard to imagine that Judge Freedman's ruling won't be overturned, but if it's not, the angriest people in California will be teenagers.