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Armenians proved to be the angriest, with 45 percent saying they had been angry a lot the previous day.
IT'S a most curious turn of events to find that someone who has so often stood in the House of Commons as the angriest man in Scotland, ranting about the UK Government and all that it stands for, now suddenly proposes himself as the custodian of all that is good at Westminster.
Pakistan has been named the tenth angriest country in the world, as per a recent survey conducted recently.
But the protesters are angriest about the proposed tax bill, which they fear will further worsen living standards.
Queen of the South manager Gary Naysmith said Saturday was the angriest he has ever been as a manager.
"It's probably the angriest I have ever seen the country, and I lived through the Watergate period of time," Clooney added.
Gavin Webster will be showcasing his show Jesus Christ's a Window Cleaner Now, which has been described as his 'angriest hour yet' and Lee Kyle will be performing his show I Came Here to Burn This Place to the Ground and Build a Table.
One of the angriest Jews was Washington, D.C., attorney Simon Wolf, head of that city's B'nai B'rith.
It's nice to know I'm no longer known as the angriest man in Hull.
A 39-year study by the University of Iowa found the angriest 25% men were more than one-and-a half times more likely to die earlier than the calmest 25%.
Even in angriest campaign moments, politicians tend to think long and hard before accusing even a despised rival of it.