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That makes me angry, and when I'm angry I can't have a good time.
I don't know; that's what makes me so angry," replied the Woozy.
I am angry all over, I can tell you," said the boy, and then in hurried, excited words he told all that had happened.
I must go and see them that I may make peace between them; they have been quarrelling, and are so angry that they have not slept with one another this long while; if I can bring them round and restore them to one another's embraces, they will be grateful to me and love me for ever afterwards.
Nay, I am sure by your look, when you came into the box, you were angry.
Somerfield, who for a moment had been too angry to speak, had now recovered himself.
Then will they still be angry at our saying, that, until philosophers bear rule, States and individuals will have no rest from evil, nor will this our imaginary State ever be realised?
This bad conduct made those angry that sat in the box of General Salazar, and they cried out against John Harned.
Then send him away," said Mercury, "or Jove will be angry with you and punish you".
Nervous and, apparently, angry, the young girl pushed Malicorne against the wall.
I did not in so many words say that you are beautiful, but I think it nevertheless, and ye cannot be angry with my poor eyes if they deceive me into believing that no fairer woman breathes the air of England.
thof his skin be so white, and to be sure it is the most whitest that ever was seen, I am a Christian as well as he, and nobody can say that I am base born: my grandfather was a clergyman,[*] and would have been very angry, I believe, to have thought any of his family should have taken up with Molly Seagrim's dirty leavings.