angry dispute

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Drawn by an irresistible fascination, Magdalen followed them again, gained on them as they reached the gate, and heard the voices of the two children raised in angry dispute which way they wanted to walk next.
After an angry dispute about the lack of a conference event to mark the contribution of Labour MEPs who face losing their posts after Brexit, Leonard told the last two Scottish MEPs, David Martin and Catherine Stihler, "you are a credit to our party, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart".
AN angry dispute over a councillor's conduct saw a town hall meeting cut short.
In the early spring of this year, an angry dispute broke out in the United Kingdom between the mainstream Jewish communal organizations and the leader of the radical left, currently head of the Labour Party, who is Jeremy Corbyn; and a couple of days later, a roughly similar dispute broke out in France between the equivalent French Jewish organization and Corbyn's counterpart on the French left, who is Jean-Luc Melenchon; and the double outbreak suggested a trend, which raises a question.
Two beggars were in angry dispute about pennies, pitches and trust - pushing, shaking, staring eyeball to eyeball.
Israeli politicians accused Poland's prime minister of anti-Semitism for equating the Polish perpetrators in the Holocaust to its supposed "Jewish perpetrators," setting off a new chapter in an angry dispute over Poland's new bill criminalizing the mention of Polish complicity in the Nazi-led genocide.
Internationsl - Colombians carrying their possessions on their backs waded across a knee-deep river back into their homeland, fleeing a Venezuelan crackdown on illegal migrants and smugglers that has generated an increasingly angry dispute between the South American neighbors.
ALAN PARDEW has had his pre-season disrupted by an angry dispute with owner Mike Ashley.
Xinhua said the fleet commander Jiang Weilie "urged soldiers and officers to always be prepared to fight, improve combat capabilities and lead the forces to help build the country into a maritime power." China is in an increasingly angry dispute with its neighbors over claims to parts of the potentially oil and gas-rich South China Sea.
China is in an increasingly angry dispute with its neighbours over claims to parts of the potentially oil and gas-rich South China Sea.
China and Japan have been pursuing an increasingly angry dispute over the ownership of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, which are under Japanese administration.