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Locality records for 3 albuliform, 5 anguilliform, and 1 saccopharyngiform species along the coast of British Columbia; * indicates damage and truncated length measurement; ** = length of N.
1) the albuliform, notacanthiform, anguilliform and saccopharyngiform fishes examined are grouped together.
Key words: anguilliform, Cottiformes, Friday Harbor Labs, Froude efficiency, locomotion, Rock Prickleback, Stichaeidae, swimming mechanics, Xiphister, Zoarcoidei
In contrast, a fish that uses anguilliform propulsion, such as a trout, dace, flatfish, or bluefish, may have a k of 3 to 4 (Weihs, 1973).
Neuromuscular control of anguilliform locomotion: patterns of red and white muscle activity during swimming in the American eel Anguilla rostrata.