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Cheryl, 25, was repeatedly knifed in the neck, throat and back before being left for dead, but Laura Pamela thought the "anguished" cries next door were drunk Brits.
Sundquist summarizes his take on this conflict within the text - and thus within Chesnutt himself - as "an anguished cry of righteous protest moderated by the hopeful voice of compromise"; I, however, contend that Chesnutt knew very well the ineffectuality of such "compromise," and that the recognition of his own ineffectuality as a black writer in a white world constitutes the real anguish of the novel (449).
Parents Caroline and Jeremy, who made anguished appeals for him to returned, released the letter.
I am anguished by the situation arising due to floods in various parts of the Northeast.
On the other side, an anguished person Tahir Mehmood killed a youth Usman for allegedly developing relation with his daughter in Rangpura locality Sialkot city.
But his early works have seldom made anyone's pulse beat faster; and his later anguished females tend to seem well-mannered next to Moore's and Lipchitz's heroic earth mothers.
Despite its weaknesses, and the almost quaint nature of her project, African Visions is an important document, unwittingly exposing the naive and anguished relationship between Africa and European settlers.
He argued that the visual portrayal of the Pharisees and lawyers hostile to Jesus as "black-clothed, sinister, and brutal" was outrageous, and that the portrayal of Pontius Pilate, in real life a brutal tyrant, as a "sensitive anguished moral authority" was similarly unacceptable.
If this synthesis is unattintable, as Helgeson and others before him have argued, then an anguished, violent poetic is the result.
The Bethlehem into which Jesus was born would soon know the terrifying clank of military steel, the blood-curdling shrieks of children slashed to death by Roman soldiers "just doing their job," and the heart-rending cries of anguished, inconsolable mothers.
Marilyn Hacker's latest volume of poems combines musings on failed love, bodily change, and anguished reflections on the post-9/11 world.
This haunting tale is full of sports action, but it also deals with El Gato's anguished loyalty to his family and to the Keeper.