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On the other side, an anguished person Tahir Mehmood killed a youth Usman for allegedly developing relation with his daughter in Rangpura locality Sialkot city.
And this recognition causes the anguished self-criticism that constitutes the real tragedy of the novel.
Prime Minister Gilani in a message to Prime Minister of Kingdom of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva said; We are deeply anguished by the floods in Thailand that have resulted in the loss of so many precious lives and extensive damage to property.
Colt relates the story of these six pivotal weeks in his life, and his voice is often anguished and always credible, sprinkled with profanities as he battles toward hard-won realizations (there's also a bit of sex and rather more talk about it).
Professor Josh Miguel Ibanez of Santiago, Chile, spoke about the presence of God in contemporary poetry, stressing that even the tradition of "accursed poets or agonizing believers will give witness of the Christian God by way of anguished doubt or even of curse and blasphemy.
They were getting a chance to tell their stories, to get some answers to their long-held anguished questions, and the flood gates opened.
There is something a little anguished about Davies work: It is mysterious and elusive but assuredly crafted and intensely studious in a quite beautiful way.
Bonner seems more anguished by Carter's failure to rein in Marcos than about Reagan's unthinking approval of whatever Marcos wanted to do.
Simon Block's drama is based on what happened next - the continued efforts of his anguished parents (played by Stephen Dillane and Kerry Fox) to put pressure on the Israeli army to accept responsibility for killing their son unlawfully.
This is a male version of the Georgia Nicolson series of books by Louise Rennison--a fast and funny read full of British slang and hilariously anguished musings by a self-absorbed teen narrator.
In my "singing" of the psalms, which at times is more of a moaning, I expose to God and to myself all of me--whether sad, angry, anguished, joyful, or frightened.