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Therefore, the fractal dimension was employed in this study to characterize the morphological characteristics of coarse aggregate particles including shape and angularity.
Residual correlation values, lower than those obtained by angularity, were observed between all the type traits with MY, FY, and PY, where most were close to nullity (Table 4), suggesting that these two categories of traits are not influenced by the same environmental factors.
Provenance: The angularity of silisiclastic grains within Mutukaraka, Punakitere and Awapoko sandstone indicate a relative close source land from where the sediments underwent little transport to their site of deposition (Plates 2 to 6).
This helps break up the angularity of the extra-long starboard recliner couch that stretches from the helm to the bow.
In a few days of micro-oxygenation, green tannin is transformed entirely to tanin dur ("hard" tannin that sits entirely on the top of the tongue and moves back to create an angularity in the finish).
That building, with its sharp angularity and its boldly cantilevered balconies, bespeaks a residual brutalist aesthetic that would not reappear in his work.
Here, it was easy to detect how Berg would later produce the angularity of his opera Lulu, or the intensity of the tragedy Wozzeck.
Despite comparable qualities of heft, roughness and angularity, the larger vessels distinguish themselves from Rowans non-functional work by isolating and accentuating characteristics that are unique to bowls, vases, or other vessels.
This combination makes for an intriguing mix of cool angularity and melodic lyricism.
A lot of the interest in the volume comes from the raw angularity of the findings, the multiplicity of connections, and the subtlety and complexity of the picture that takes shape.