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In general, phenotypic correlations were close to zero, except for angularity (0.
The steel slag fractions of 0/5 and 2/5 in this mixture were replaced with dolomite filler and crushed quartz sand, because of the strength and angularity the fine steel slag fractions which can cause excessive wear of the asphalt production and paving equipment.
I wish I could say that we designed the placement of the Barosaurus in response to the angularity of the Lee-Chin Crystal--it creates such a wonderful architectural dialogue in the building--but that would only be partially true.
A synthesis of the lyricism of Alban Berg and the angularity of Pierre Boulez led to some constantly fascinating counterpoint workings for the orchestra.
The angularity reveals unexpected flashes of temper.
The tower rising from the reflecting pool, designed by Rosen to counterbalance the design's angularity, provides a splash of bright blue, which is echoed in a quartet of rectangles that float horizontally across the building's facade.
Hexagonal hole with inclined axis for evaluating the need for support structures and form tolerances such us angularity
Not feature for feature, mind you--they have squinty eyes, big ears, big noses, and no chin--but in overall angularity and expression.
Because as wicked as those spirits might be, or think they are, they have a flaw: a lack of angularity.
Siphoning a sense of teenage trepidation through the angularity of XTC and the pummelling rhythmic pulse of Talking Heads, Newcastle trio Freerunner make music for spreadeagled souls for whom every morning follows a particularly intense last night.
These two geometries allow for the determination of the effect of particle angularity on the inflation conditions.
These two collections bookend twenty years of Wilkinson's writing, a consistently sardonic--often outrightly acerbic--series of verse interventions delivered with a remarkable angularity of style.