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where CAA is the angularity for one single coarse aggregate (%), [perimeter.sub.convex] is the convex perimeter for one single coarse aggregate (pixel), and [perimeter.sub.ellispse] is the perimeter of equivalent ellipse for one single coarse aggregate (pixel).
The heritability estimates ranged from 0.510.04 both for angularity and rear udder width to 0.880.01 for fore teat length.
Residual correlation values, lower than those obtained by angularity, were observed between all the type traits with MY, FY, and PY, where most were close to nullity (Table 4), suggesting that these two categories of traits are not influenced by the same environmental factors.
The angularity of the rocker arm and the proximity of the sliding pin to the rocker arm's fulcrum provided a faster downstroke.
To account for this angularity, it may be concluded that extra feldspar may have been weathered out during temporary storage on low lying flood plain (Balance, 1983).
We all grew up with the exemplary Masson painting Bataille de poissons (Battle of Fishes), 1926, at the Museum of Modern Art; at Blain I Di Donna, the work's burin-like angularity, fervid with Surrealist zeal, is reprised in Chevaux attaques par des poissons (Horses Attacked by Fish), 1927.
Their formations tend towards the curling and serpentine as often as they emphasize the hard angularity of a branch's nodal point.
In Gevorgian's study of balance, on the other hand, the near-identical figures -- contestants as well as the supporters arrayed behind them -- are rendered in a stylized, uniform angularity that makes them look like aliens, or else mannequins or effigies of human beings.
The ability to attain shapes that depart from traditional angularity in interior design; 2) Practicality.