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Re-description of Platycephalus angustus Steindachner 1886 (Teleostei: Platycephalidae), a valid flathead in northern Australia and New Guinea.
In addition to bacterial species and plasmid-caused genetic diversity, there are several different ticks known to carry Borrelia; namely, deer ticks, the Western black-legged tick (Ixodes pacificus), Ixodes angustus (no common name), the Lone Star tick (Amblyomma americanum), and the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus).
China, for example, will not allow Cambodian rice to be imported unless the government can certify that the milled rice exported to China are free from the following quarantine pests of Chinese concern: Leptochloa chinensis, Striga asiatica, Apenlenchoides besseyi, Ditylenchus angustus.
2 Derovatellus lentus (Wehncke) Derallus altus (Leconte) * Vatellus haagi Wehncke Derallus angustus Sharp Laccophilinae Derallus paranensis Oliva Laccophilini Hydrophilini Laccomimus sp.
angustus with low frequency or absence of occurrence in the intertidal of Sepetiba Bay are considered by Werding et al.
angustus ticks were similar to those of a previous report (15), and further vectorial studies are warranted.
innitens servolis duobus assurexit et statim concidit, ut ego colligo, crassiore caligine spiritu obstructo, clausoque stomacho qui illi natura invalidus et angustus et frequenter aestuans erat.
62) Opera omnia, v, 462: ' si natura constitutum esset ut isti corpusculo non nisi magna terrarum et maris spatia possent satisfacere, illa esset forsitan culpanda si nostri tuendi causa, hos tumultus longe et late excitaremus; nunc sacculus iste angustus, tam exiguis rebus non plenus modo, sed etiam redundans, tam cito periturus, quantas movet tragoedias?
A similar result had been found by David and Celeries (1997), who reported increased fecundity for individuals of Polydesmus angustus (Latzel, 1884) (Polydesmidae) following improved diet regimens.
utus X Scopoides cambridgei Sergiolus angustus Sergiolus stella Urozelotes rusticus Zelotes anglo X Zelotes lasalanus X Zelotes tuobus X X Sparassidae Heteropoda venatoria Philodromidae Apollophanes margareta X Apollophanes punctipes X Apollophanes texanus X X Ebo dondalei X Ebo macyi X Ebo merkeli X Ebo mexicanus Ebo pepinensis X Ebo cf.