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Although jaundice is a common clinical sign associated with leptospirosis, anicteric leptospirosis is also reported as part of the acute febrile syndrome (11).
What might cause artifactual hyperbilirubinemia in anicteric blood?
When PAD patients were selected because of functional liver abnormalities high frequencies of portal hypertension (50%) and anicteric cholestasis (65%) were observed [8].
Mild form of leptospirosis has been defined at mild to moderate intoxication, anicteric or mild icterus, without hemorrhagic diathesis, without involvement of respiratory, cardiac and central nervous system (CNS), with mild renal dysfunction without acute renal failure (ARF).
There is an anicteric increase in the alkaline phosphatase level of at least twofold or in the transaminase level of at least fivefold and this occurs 2 weeks to 4 months after liver radiotherapy.
After 3 months of follow-up, the patient is asymptomatic and is anicteric. Work up for etiology of pancreatic pseudocyst was done and no specific cause could be ascertained, hence attributed to trauma.
Three cases of anicteric leptospirosis from Turkey: Mild to severe complications.
Her pupils were equally round and reactive, and her sclerae were anicteric. Her neck was supple with no masses or elevation in her jugular venous pressure, and her oropharynx was clear.
Two general clinical patterns of disease, anicteric and icteric forms are recognized.
She was anicteric, pyrexial and pale and had no peritonitism.
On examination, the patient was confused, drowsy, pale, anicteric, afebrile, and dehydrated.