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Although jaundice is a common clinical sign associated with leptospirosis, anicteric leptospirosis is also reported as part of the acute febrile syndrome (11).
What might cause artifactual hyperbilirubinemia in anicteric blood?
Jaundeesh/holde palong is commonly recognized in this rural Bangladesh population as a distinct syndrome among anicteric respondents.
ERCP is however warranted now in follow-up to rule out pancreas divisum as a cause of pancreatitis and also to countercheck the patency of CBD despite the patient being anicteric.
About 90% of those infected develop a mild anicteric form of the disease.
Sporadic anicteric leptospirosis In South Vietnam: a study in 150 patients.
Most of these patients have had subclinical, anicteric episodes.
Hepatitis B infection fails to resolve and progresses to a chronic carrier state in 5 to 10% of older children and adults and in up to 90% of infants; chronic infection also occurs more frequently after initial anicteric hepatitis B than after initial icteric disease.
In this study only 4 patients within 2 months of age were anicteric following surgery.
It typically occurs as two clinically recognizable syndromes: the anicteric leptospirosis (80-90% of all cases) and the remainder icteric leptospirosis.
The patient seemed to be fatigued but alert and oriented; she was anicteric, and she had no nuchal rigidity or focal neurologic deficits.
Leptospirosis typically has two clinical forms: anicteric and icterohaemorrhagic.