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Sturiale CL, Massimi L, Mangiola A, Pompucci A, Roselli R, Anile C: Sewing needles in the brain: Infanticide attempts or accidental insertion?
In Culp Velvets/Prints, Dominick Anile has been named vice president of domestic sales and marketing, and Lawry Bump has been named vice president of domestic sales.
Venuta F, Anile M, Diso D, Vitolo D, Rendina EA, De Giacomo T, et al.
aeiou words: armigerous, epuration, inquorate, ossuaries, uvarovite lesser-known counterparts: epizootic, anile, estivate, thegosis, trilemma reversible words (semordnilaps): avid, ogre, debut, nonet, rebus words for odds & ends: aglet, chad, tittle, grommet, pintle spell-checker demons: impassible, wether, specie, angary, demur words from placenames: Ultima Thule, El Dorado, Timbuktu, Brigadoon, stoic