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With these three sets of compositions--the three pastorales, the lamentations and responsories, and the Anima e corpo--Cavalieri made an indelible mark on the history of Western music.
Slakey, "Aristotle on Sense Perception," Philosophical Review 70 (1961): 470-84; Philip Webb, "Bodily Structure and Psychic Faculties in Aristotle's Theory of Perception," Hermes 110 (1982): 25-50; Terrell Ward Bynum, "A New Look at Aristotle's Theory of Perception," History of Philosophy Quarterly 4 (1987): 163-78; Richard Sorabji, "Intentionality and Physiological Processes: Aristotle's Theory of Sense-Perception," in Essays on Aristotle's "De Anima," ed.
According to Jean-Paul they are slated to stage an exhibition at Anima in January 2013.
This interpretation might also seem to be supported by his hylomorphic account in De Anima 2.
In taking him where he does not want to go, this power will introduce him to the magna anima.
All this happens in Anima, the latest from the Liverpool-based, two-person dance and movement company, Momentum.
The editors of these collections, in their own ways, make various arguments for the coherence or importance of only some of the parts of the De Anima and certainly not for the work as a whole.
For those who pray the Anima Christi, it might be helpful to transpose the "me" to "us" every so often.
I wanted to use this short and fun film to remind people about how joyful it is to begin a shared Christmas celebration even while working hard for creating the Christmas Eve experience for yourself and your family," adds the director of the film, Luca Bruno of Anima Vitae.
D'altra parte ogni armonia e accordata al movimento dei cieli, per cui la musica e portatrice di influssi planetari e determina lo stato della nostra anima.
As an ensemble piece this volume is outstanding, and no one with even a mild interest in Aristotle's De Anima will want to be without it.
BOSTON -- Charles River Development (Charles River) a front- and middle-office investment financial solutions provider, today announced that Anima SGR (Anima) has selected the Charles River Investment Management System (Charles River IMS) to support the portfolio management, order management, execution management, and compliance needs of the new combined entity following the merger of Anima and Prima SGR (Prima).