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Animadversion is likened to throwing eggs at those in the pillory or stocks, underwritten by a further list of kinetic vocabulary: "galls" (vexes), "hank" (hold), "Dint" (the sound or effect of a stroke), "Culls" (selects), "Tiring" (a hawking word), "snush" (meaning in this context the enforced taking of snuff), in addition to vivid portrayals of compelled communion and baptism in the Church of England as force-feeding and drowning (Prose Works II:64, 69, 72, 80-1, 104).
A final animadversion about their work concerns their attempts to uncouple "Straussian" and "neoconservative.
This animadversion pales before those of other critics.
Coke's animadversion concerning the College's fine of Dr.
What a Drag" is a weak-kneed and obviously envious animadversion against Vested Interests, a recent classic on the subject of transvestism written by Marjorie Garber, Harvard professor, noted Shakespeare scholar, and a mind far superior to murky and muddled pop-Paglia's, who, apparently immune to irony, has the nerve to criticize the book as the kind of academic work - get this - seeking "instant hipness and career cachet rather than deep knowledge and lasting scholarly achievement.
After a century of animadversion, blamed by the Kipling tradition for wrecking race relations and promoting a stuffy society in India (but who, after all created the Anglo-Indian problem.
Ahora podemos volver sobre la incomoda reaccion que el resto de personajes adopta ante Maria para proponer lo siguiente: esta no despierta animadversion porque actualice un convenio estable de valores y un entendimiento proporcionado del mundo, sino porque dicho convenido y dicho entendimiento irrumpen en la novela como anacronismos, unas posibilidades que apuntan, no al futuro, sino a un pasado que ella presentiza nostalgicamente.
They'd mostly conclude their effusive regards with a quick little animadversion.
that the whole subject may experience the animadversion of an enlightened public sentiment, and the voice of the people aid in the application of the remedy?
This is a serious animadversion, one overlooked by O.
One Paragraph Animadversion on the Balance of Power in Europe--next mention the Bad Pavement of Grays in[n] Lane--a third tells you that a British Ambassador was introduced to the Queen of France, and a Fourth that a Wapping Landlady was brought to Bed.
quicknesse and penetrancy of witt, fixedness of animadversion [and] close and subtill deduction of reason.