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the animal food preventive controls requirements for certain manufacturing/processing activities performed on human food by-products used as animal food, and
The rule addresses the types of scientific evidence that can be used to demonstrate safety as well as the role of publications in evaluating whether the scientific evidence of safety is "generally available and accepted." The GRAS criteria require that the safe use of ingredients in human and animal food be widely recognized by the appropriate qualified experts.
The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a final rule detailing the criteria of concluding that the use of a substance in human or animal food is generally recognised as safe (GRAS).
While implementing new rules and regulations can be challenging, the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Rule provides an opportunity to improve safety through careful coordination and improved communications.
Very small businesses, defined here as operations with less than $2.5 million USD in sales of animal food that food manufacture, process, pack or hold food without sale, have modified preventive control requirements, are to attest either that they meet these qualifications, which hazards have been identified and the preventive controls implemented and monitored, or that the facility is in compliance with non-federal food safety law.
Now the sand eel stocks are dwindling we are turning our attention to other species and there is a massive fishery to gather the krill from our seas - again not for food, but for oil and animal food.
The proposed regulation contains two principal requirements: First, most animal food manufacturing facilities must implement a set of "current good manufacturing practices" intended to prevent contamination of animal food.
"This proposed rule on animal food complements rules published in January 2013 for produce safety and facilities that manufacture food for humans to set modern, prevention-based standards for food safety," said FDA Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor.
monkeys, squirrels, Japanese kois, live coral, fresh and salt water fishes and a variety of animal food. Priced to sell.
The acquisition allows Bayer to expand its animal food product lines in the US by integrating the acquired assets into its animal health business.
The event was co-sponsored by Gulf Brands International, Punchline Media, Bapco Club and Tails, a local animal food manufacturer.
In these hard times, if you can afford to donate some tinned animal food, please support your local rescue centre.