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This study also demonstrated that administration of a single dose of GRN163L at the time of animal inoculation in the in vivo model of lung cancer metastasis resulted in decreased tumor burden at days 13, 20 and 27.
cell culture tests for the presence of certain cytocidal viruses (by inoculation of and blind passage in Vero, MRC-5, HeLa, RK, and A9 cells with observations for cytopathology and tests for hemadsorption and hemagglutination at the end of the culture period), and animal inoculation tests for certain viruses (suckling and adult mice, guinea pigs, and embryonated hen eggs).
OTCBB:MDIR), a developer and marketer of patented needle-free jet injectors for human and animal inoculation, today announced that its MIT Canada subsidiary has received a large order from its Japanese distributor and signed several Letters of Intent with 2 major distributors in Thailand.