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The researchers collected information on exposure to animal skin during the first three months of life, along with information on the health of children until the age of 10 years.
Animal skin and animal fur have always been believed to cause allergies.
Phillip Stubbes, the man who declared the commonness of the declaration 'loue me, loue my Dogge', argued that animal skin was given to Adam and Eve out of pity and was thus
Typical ancient copper ingots were shaped in the form of an animal skin, such as the one from Zakros, Crete, shown on this page.
To the Editor: Recently, Murphy and Osburn (1) strongly argued for testing old smallpox vaccine stocks made in animal skin for adventitious infectious agents such as viruses, mycoplasmas, and eventually, prions.
1 -- color) In the lobby of the Viceroy Palm Springs, guests find bold stripes of tile and a faux animal skin rug.
Raffia or grass cloth will give the walls a wonderful texture, Laberge says, and tropical plants and an animal skin rug or throw will do the rest.
VEGGIE DESSERT Two Purdue University students have invented the first vegetarian gelatin dessert, called "NuSoy Gel" Regular gelatin contains collagen, a protein found in animal skin and bones.
The opening chapter on Africa discuses the materials Africans used to cover themselves including, wool, silk, animal skin, bark cloth, bast fiber (from stems such as raffia palm), and cotton.
Only parchment -- that is, dried animal skin -- made a document legal.
Successful laboratory testing on animal skin of a single-shot mass injection device for humans
The 13th-century Book of Aneirin, written on animal skin by monks during the last decades of Welsh independent rule, is regarded as one of the most important in the Welsh language.