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The remnant person problem is that, if a detached cerebrum can host a conscious perspective of the sort we have now, animalists face a difficult dilemma about the cerebrum before it was detached.
I used to be a Christian but now I am an Animalist.
The animalist claims that persons are not only substances, but are natural substances (since she claims that persons are a kind of animal).
However, this recognition many be an important one for the tribes in the far regions of Russia, such as Nenets who still retain their animalist beliefs.
Eric Olson, for instance, is an animalist who maintains that if the person is spatially coincident but numerically distinct from the animal, then provided that the person can use its brain to think, so too can the physically indistinguishable animal.
Contrary to expectations, an animalist insistence on uninterrupted bodily continuity between this life and the next does not involve deceptive body snatching.
5) Employing the circulatory-respiratory criterion of death also allows problems encountered by hylomorphists who employ a brain criterion, as well as problems encountered by those who espouse an animalist or closest continuer account of personal identity, to be overcome.