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The reason that the reward of beautiful companions sounds animalistic to people (he pointed out) reflects a basic difference between Islam and many other religious outlooks.
We already have the music video primed and ready to go for that and it really shows a different element to our sound from Animalistic. It's a bit dancier and not afraid of being dirty.
It depicts the last few years in the life and career of the South Asian author who is renowned for his scathing insight into human behavior and the at-times macabre and animalistic nature of people.
What fanatics like the Taliban and now ISIS enact in the name of their perverse sense of God is not animalistic or inhuman, but all too human.
Apparently, however, sexual intercourse even in loving relationships was perceived as driven by passion and even somewhat animalistic, without any thought of pleasuring one's partner or deepening the bond between husband and wife.
Desperate to find out the truth about who murdered his wife and son, Marcus, who's becoming more animalistic by the second, makes his way to see Topher Lomax where events take a violent turn when he doesn't get the answers he's looking for.
To me this scene is both bizarre and amusing: as there are no allocated parking spaces, which leads to cars parking and driving in every direction while they climb, creep, nuzzle and descend down mounds, in a manner that I can only describe as being eerily animalistic.
When rioting is on, the mob is in such animalistic frenzy that it would be foolhardy even for an otherwise popular leader to go out and tell the people to come to senses.
He cites minorities' reactions against dehumanization and animalistic conceptions of black sexuality among the reasons.
MPs' proposal to allow conjugal visits for prisoners could also be scrapped by the chamber for being "animalistic".
According to Haslam, there are two basic forms of dehumanization: animalistic dehumanization and mechanistic dehumanization.
A stylish safari theme takes centre stage, with animalistic point of sale materials.