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In DesktopPaints' portfolio you will find leading software such as Animated Screensaver Maker, Animated Wallpaper Maker, and DP Animation Maker.
The premise of Bugtime Adventures is the weaving together of two story lines, one with animated people and one with animated life-like bug characters, to retell a well-known Bible story.
Now GignoSystem Japan (formerly PhotoNet), which provides all sorts of animated and other Web-based cellphone services, has joined with electronics manufacturer Casio to come up with the Mail Chara Koubo (Mail Character Club) for camera-equipped keitai.
Flix Productions has released the Animated Puzzles CD for Windows, a collection of kid-friendly, non-violent puzzles and animations that will entertain and educate children of all ages.
In addition to stills from dozens of animated films, readers of Cartoon Capers will be rewarded with such unique products of Mazurkewich's research as an original drawing by NFB legend Kaj Pindal, a page from a 1960s underground comic by Oscar-winner John Weldon and a Christmas card that John Kricfalusi, of "Ren and Stimpy" fame, designed for Bob "Beany and Cecil" Clampett.
The Montreal-based production company has brought the well-worn pages of numerous children's books to animated life--The Adventures of Paddington Bear, The Little Lulu Show and The Busy World of Richard Scarry to name just a few.
Through her position as vice-president at The Cartoon Network, Linda Simensky has been instrumental in launching a program featuring some of the finest animated work created at the National Film Board.