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Full animated graphics with transparency are delivered in real-time to a single NET channel of TriCaster, without using the external video inputs.
It contains colorful animated graphics, virtual forests to explore, a virtual journey through the recycling process, and interactive activities to reinforce the educational message.
Line of business: Animated graphics for broadcast and multi media.
There follows some terrific animated graphics, you click on Wei's mug shot, up come some project titles and .
The CD-ROM is easy to use, providing animated graphics to get information to the user.
For example, the integration of animated graphics in the pathology tutorial to demonstrate the major steps of viral multiplication offers an innovative visual tool for mastering complex information.
LearnKey's RealCBT solution gives High Speed the ability to stream screen captures of animated graphics and images.
said: "We are taking instant news and information, converting the data or text into speech and at the same time creating the real-time animated graphics.
A barrage of different techniques, the film features animated graphics (which divide it into very specific sections, and play on the drug-war metaphor to hilarious effect); priceless archival footage, ranging from the aforementioned anti-dope flicks to obscure 1960s television shows; and public service announcements about the demon weed.
Featuring an advanced microprocessor dubbed the "Emotion Engine," the machine promises to deliver animated graphics with the realism of the movie Toy Story.
The webzine, as it's called, boldly mixes animated graphics with snazzy sound and intriguing articles.